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Ulceration on the face of 54 year old woman

This is a sad case of 54yr old woman who developed a small ulcer on the face 4 yrs ago. She thought the ulcer will go away without medical intervention.

Unfortunately the ulcer continued to grow eating deep into the inner layers of the skin and extending to the ear. At time of presentation to HIMM clinic the raw appearing ulceration has covered one side of the ear that has caused her unilateral hearing loss. This is highly suspicious of malignant tumor. She needs further work up and treatment to save her life. Can you help her?

Raised: $12500-To go: $45222



As the number of uninsured in United States continues to increase, people within rural areas become more affected than the urban population. HIMM has experience in providing free medical care to the rural population around the world, including the United States .Our handicap has been a facility to use.

A mobile clinic made of 3 exam rooms, a nursing triage station, a rest room and a procedure room will suffice for the work we do.

HIMM is seeking for faithful men and women who can donate towards the purchase of this mobile clinic or donation of the mobile clinic. Join us in helping reach out to the rural USA population. Our volunteer doctors, nurses, and other health care workers will be excited to learn of your assistance.

For more information contact:

Kennedy Okere, MD

Raised: $2500-To go: $45222