HIMMS History

Horizon International Medical Mission (HIMM) was founded Dr. Kennedy Kelechi Okere who also serves as the president of the organization. The main purpose of the organization is to reach the medically and spiritually unreached people of Africa and the Caribbean. Dr. Okere grew up in Africa and lived in the Caribbean. While growing up he witnessed people in rural areas of these parts live in poor medical and living conditions without much hope for assistance. As Dr. Okere grew up, he continued to pray that one day God would raise a vessel after His heart that will lift the people out of their predicament. He had no idea that he was praying for himself.

Dr. Okere organized his first medical mission trip to Nigeria, West Africa in March 2000. At that time, he was a second year medical resident in Family Medicine at Memorial Health University Medical Center. He was able to recruit a local Physician, Dr. Emeka Anyamele, and local Nigerian Nurses. With the cooperation of the local Pastor of Ihiagwa Baptist Church, the community visited in Imo State, Nigeria, Dr Okere converted the community church into a make shift clinic. Drs. Okere and Anyamele saw 600 patients during the 5-day clinic.

HIMM has gone on five mission trips since 2006. During each trip, HIMM has been opportuned to recruit nurses, church ministers, a dentist, a medical student, a pharmacist and doctors. Some of these recruits have gone on five of the trips and plan on going with Dr. Okere on future trips.